Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Tony Grey

First Appearance

Feature Comics #60 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Borth


The Raven saw an advertisement in a newspaper calling on the Spider Widow for aid and went to the address listed. When he arrived, he witnessed Spider Widow walk into an ambush by Nazis. The Raven followed them, rescued the girl, and helped her defeat the Germans. They then shared a kiss in the dark with neither seeing the other unmasked. The two heroes became a crime-fighting team and worked with the Phantom Lady on several occasions. Raven could fly and was an agile and skilled fighter.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Comics #60-72
  • Police Comics #20-22


Phantom Lady & Raven's team-up in Police Comics #20 was later re-drawn by Canadian comic book artist Jerry Lazare to tell the story of the Wing teaming up with Nitro.

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