Reckoner and Chipper

Real Name

Matty Martin (Michael Shayne) / Rocky

First Appearance

Cat-Man Comics vol. 2 #12 (#25) (July 1944)

Original Publisher

Continental / Holyoke

Created by

Don Rico


A cab driver named Matty Martin (or, depending on the story, Michael Shayne) became the costumed crime fighter Reckoner after changing into his top hat, cloak, and sometimes a black mask. None of the stories ever explained what prompted him to do this in the first place.

Chipper was an orphaned boy he met during his first (published) adventure.

Powers and Abilities

Reckoner had no powers, but was a good detective skilled with his fists.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #25, 27-32
  • Terrific Comics #5-6

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