Public Domain Super Heroes
The Red Blazer/Captain Red Blazer
Red Blazer.jpg

Real Name

Jack Dawson/Red Blazer/Ted (see "Notes" section)

First Appearance

Pocket Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Avison


In 1940, Jack Dawson (later "Ted") was horseback riding in the Wyoming prairie when he noticed Dr. Morgan (later "Dr. Martin") burying an alien near his spaceship. Jack offered to help the man bury the being and was told by Morgan of his ship he built and his trip into space and back with his alien assistant Kagah. Seeing Dawson thirsty from his labor, the Dr. gives Dawson a drink that makes him fall asleep. While out Dr.Morgan puts him in the spacecruiser and launches Jack above the "heaviside" layer of the Earth, he awoke finding himself in space.

Jack reads a note from Dr. Morgan informing him that he was exposed to "Astro-Pyro Radiation" above the Heaviside layer. The radiation would not only rejuvenate him but, also give him super powers .

He soon got a sidekick, Spark (later "Sparkie" and/or "Sparky").

The heroes teamed-up with the Boy Heroes on several occasions.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Red Blazer and Sparkie are able to fly and generate/control heat and flames.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Pocket Comics
    • #1 (as Jack Dawson/The Red Blazer)
    • #2-3 (as Red Blazer/The Red Blazer)
    • #4 (as Ted/Red Blazer)
  • All-New Comics
    • #5 (as Captain Red Blazer)
    • #6, 12 (unnamed and cover-only)
    • #7, 9-11 (as Red Blazer)


  • In his first appearance, his alter ego was that of "Jack Dawson." In his second and third appearances, he was simply "Red Blazer" in and out of costume. In his fourth appearance, his real name became "Ted" with no surname specified.
    • Upon moving to All-New Comics, no alter-ego was used.

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