Red Demon
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Real Name

Judge Straight

First Appearance

Black Cat #4 (February-March 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Draut


Judge Straight started out as an all-star lawyer who became the youngest jurist in the state. After the wife of the man he sentenced to death criticized him for too closely following the letter of the law instead of his heart and being out of touch with the downtrodden, Straight decides to wander the streets at night.

Coming across a black cat belonging to Bull Brewster, gang leader and murder victim of his last trial, he takes the cat to the victim's address and poses as a thief looking for refuge to a member of the Brewster gang living there to take a look around. After being put up in Brewster's old room for the night, Straight finds a demon costume Brewster was wearing when he was murdered and decides to wear it. Finding evidence of Brewster's real killer, Straight confronts the Eel, defeats him and rushes him to the police so the man wrongfully convicted of murder can be set free. Straight would later struggle with the problem of harshly judging defendants in court, then feel guilty of his judgment to the point where he was compelled to investigate the case on his own, often proving his original judgment to be incorrect.

He had no powers, but was a skilled fighter and operated from a secret lair.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Black Cat #4-6

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