Chief Red Eagle

Real Name

Red Eagle

First Appearance

Lone Rider #23 (Dec. 1954-Jan. 55)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ken Battlefield, Jerry Iger


Chief Red Eagle, leader of a rogue Apache band, drives the warriors against the United States Army fort in the charge of Colonel Moresby. Red Eagle plans to take on Chief Swift Arrow to accomplish the attack, allowing Crooked Antler to be in charge of eliminating Swift Arrow who had shamed Crooked Antler in a fight.

When Swift Arrow's tribesmen assist the Army, Red Eagle's plans are dashed. Chief Red Eagle is killed when one of his own men throws a war stick at Chief Swift Arrow and misses, hitting Red Eagle instead. This knocks Red Eagle unconscious. Colonel Moresby kills Crooked Antler with his pistol.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone RIder #23
  • Apache Trail #1

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