Red Knight

Real Name

Major Von Essen, aka Count Henri Renaud

First Appearance

Blue Beetle #18 (January, 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phil Bard


According to legend, the Red Knight was a great champion who fought beside King Richard, The Lion Hearted in the crusades. He journeyed back to England with a beautiful emerald from the helmet of Saladin himself. While staying the night in southern France, in the castle of Count De Beaufort, the count set his men against the Red Knight, to obtain the emerald from him. The Red Knight overcame the odds, but was stabbed in the back by the count himself. As he was dying, the Red Knight cursed anyone who possessed the emerald to die swiftly.

Centuries later, the emerald was stolen by a German named Major Von Essen. He took the identity of Frenchman Henri Renaud to escape with it and sell it. He then disguised himself in the armor of the Red Knight and used the legend as a cover to commit several murders, in order to regain possession of the emerald. The Red Knight killed his victims both with a sword and by hand. He was able to defeat Blue Beetle and Sparky in a fight, but was later caught when Blue Beetle got the drop on him.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Beetle #18
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