Public Domain Super Heroes
Red Rube
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Real Name

Rueben Rueben

First Appearance

Zip Comics #39 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Robbins


Rueben Rueben was a young orphan who ran away from the orphanage. He hid out in an old castle, but discovered it was his ancestor's home. His ancestors still haunted the castle as ghosts, all sharing the same name as their descendant, and wanted to help him.

Rueben later became a cub reporter for the Daily Sun.

Powers and Abilities

The ghosts each gave him the powers they possessed in life: strength, wisdom, speed, invulnerability, and courage. All he needed to do to use these powers was call out "Hey Rube" and he would transform into Red Rube, a fully grown hero.

Rueben becoming the Red Rube.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zip Comics #39-47
  • Roly Poly Comics #10
  • Weekender vol. 1 #1, 3 (cover only)
  • Zip Comics #41


  • Unlike other MLJ heroes, Red Rube was never revived by DC or Archie comics.
  • Red Rube's powers and origin are similar to Captain Marvel.

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