Ricky Davis

Real Name

Ricky Davis

First Appearance

Captain Flash #1 (Nov. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Martin Smith & Mike Sekowsky


Ricky Davis was a son of a professor who worked in an atomic lab in Atom City. He was there with his father and other professors when Professor Keith Spencer demostrated the cobalt containment procedure. When the procedure went wrong, professor Spencer shielded the radioactive cobalt with his body, ensuring that he would be the only one exposed to the radiation. Spencer survived, but he absorbed so much radiation that he was doomed to a slow, painful death.

Several days later, the remorseful Ricky approached the professor, hoping that he could do something to help. But unberknownst to the young boy, the radiation had the opposite effect - instead of dying, Spencer became stronger than ever. When he went back for another visit a few days later, Ricky accidenly overheard Spencer describing his new powers and swearing to use them to fight evil as Captain Flash. Ricky swore that he would not give away Spencer's secret and offered to help him. Keith Spencer accepted his offer and Ricky became his eponomynous non-powered sidekick. What he lacked in powers he made up for with courage and determination, and his commitment to Captain Flash's mission never waivered.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flash #1-4
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