Rocket Kelly

Real Name

Captain Patrick Kelly

First Appearance

Bouncer #10 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ted Small


Patrick Kelly was originally an ace fighter pilot in World War II who fought in the Pacific Theater under General Stilwell, as a member of the Avenger Corp. He was from Brooklyn. He was later transported to the future, where he explored the galaxy and continued to defend freedom as a rocket pilot. He was called to another planet where he became the Keeper of the Flame of Democracy, the flame being a mystic energy felt by the free people of the universe. Kelly was accompanied on his adventures by his World War II gunner Punchy (originally called Whacky) who was a former Brooklyn cab driver, and a beautiful nurse named Sue Andrews (she was later replaced by a girl named Diana). Kelly's enemies included Indus, Vengo and Diablo, who was determined to extinguish the Flame of Democracy.

Powers and Abilities

Kelly's private rocket ship was armed with a variety of weapons and could accommodate at least three passengers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Bouncer #10-14
  • Everybody's Comics (1944)
  • Rocket Kelly (1944)
  • The Green Mask #10
  • All Great Comics (1945)
  • Book of All-Comics (1945)
  • Rocket Kelly #1-5
  • Tegra #1
  • Blue Beetle #19

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