Rocky Stone
Rocky stone

Real Name

Rocky Stone

First Appearance

Crime Reporter #1 (August 1948)

Original Publisher

St. John

Created by

Charles Sultan

Golden Age Origin

Rocky Stone was the star reporter of the Star-Ledger who depended on his fists and wits to gather front page stories. Stone and his pal Frank Doyle were asked by Helen Gordan to investigate Gordan Manor which she believed to be haunted by the Evil Eye. However, the Evil Eye in fact followed Helen to Rocky's office. Even though Stone was a crack shot the ghost seemed to dodge every bullet he fired. After the monster left, Rocky flipped a coin to decide if he will take the case. It landed on heads so Frank and Rocky agree to help Helen with her ghost problem.

After agreeing to take the case, Rocky and Frank headed straight for Gordan Manor and began to take a look around. They discover that behind a secret panel someone had hidden a fortune in jewels. However after their discovery, the duo was confronted by the Evil Eye who after making threats proceeded to run away. As they tried to follow the ghost, but a flash fire broke out forcing the Evil Eye, Rocky, and Frank out of the manor.

From the roof of the manor, Rocky saw the Evil Eye trip and proceeded to leap from a tree to apprehend the villain. After taking down the Evil Eye, Helen and a police officer arrive to witness Rocky unmask the villain as Harms, the old caretaker of the Gordan estate. Rocky Stone deduced that Harms knew about the jewels and was trying to keep Helen away from the manor.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crime Reporter #1
  • Authentic Police Cases #8


  • Rocky Stone was a re-printed and re-named Lucky Coyne stories from comics such as Dynamic Comics #1 and 3. Other Lucky Coyne stories were also re-named and re-colored as Kensington Slade and Jinx Jordan.
  • Not to be confused with Lucky Byrd's enemy of the same name.

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