Rooby the Human Robot

Real Name

Jerry James Jakovich, Jr.

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums - February, 2011

Original Publisher

Free Universe

Created by



First a little boy in the 1920's, Jerry James Jakovich, Jr. started to love his country and wanted to participate in WWII. There, he was shot multiple times in the back as a cause of an auto fire. He died but, his brain was saved and put into a jar with static fluids. His brain was mainly saved for an experiment the government was trying without the permission of his family.

After 90 years of being in a jar, his brain was put in a robotic body which was only supposed to be use as a full power battery for the thing. However, fate had other plans: he woke up with the full memory of his former self and was devastated because not only was everyone he cared about dead but he had no cause for living. The Scientist he ultimately tried to kill out of anger was a guy called Dr. Nullity who was working for a Mafia gang leader called Derby Hat!

Now called Rooby the Human Robot, him and his only friend, Dr. Nullity set out for revenge against Derby Hat!


  • Upgradable Machine Arm
  • Heat Vision
  • Electric Loading and Charge
  • Manipulation of Mechanical Beings (Robots/ Computers)


  • Water
  • His open brain!


He has only one friend and that is Dr.Nullity (whom Rooby manages to convert to the good side of life).


Rooby the Human Robot is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use him or Dr. Nullity in any way you wish, just explain where the character came from and, if possible, post the finished or unfinished product here as his creator is a fan of continuity and would like to see what becomes of this character!

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