Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Jane Dodge/Joan Grayson

First Appearance

Zoot Comics #7 (June 1947)

Original Publisher

Fox Feature Syndicate

Created by

Matt Baker


Her proper name is Jane Dodge (later changed to Joan Grayson). She was once a rich orphan and aviatrix whose plane crashed over an African jungle. After fashioning a bikini from a dead giraffe, Joan replaced Nurla, the white goddess of a local tribe after defeating a starving leopard armed only with a dagger. She spent seven years surviving the jungle with her pet panther, Saber. Rulah is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, jungle magic, and wrestling. Her loyalty to her region of the jungle is undying, and she has chosen never to return to the U.S. She had a boyfriend named Tim Pointer who had amnesia, but later found Rulah and was saved from the villainous Sivo, a rival jungle girl. Rulah convinced Tim though she had no interest in going home and marrying him.

Besides Sivo, Rulah's enemies included Black Fury, Nisba the Witch Doctor, Miss Hogge, and Hagga.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zoot Comics #7-16
  • Rulah, Jungle Goddess #17-27
  • All Top Comics #8-18
  • Jungle Thrills #16 (Reprints)
  • Terrors of the Jungle #4, 7-8, 10, 17 (Reprints)
  • Ghostly Weird Stories #1, 122 (Reprints)
  • Spook #28 (Reprints)
  • Strange Fantasy #3 (Reprints)
  • Terrifying Tales #13-15, 17 (Reprints)
  • Unusual Adventures #53 (Reprints)
  • Startling Terror Tales #1 (Reprints)
  • Strange Mysteries #9 (Reprints)
  • Surprising Adventures #13 (Reprints)
  • Jungle Adventures #10, 12 (Reprints)
  • Mystic #66 (Reprints)
  • Red Hot Comics #24 (Reprints)
  • Asia #14, 16 (Reprints)
  • All Great Jungle Adventures (Reprints)


  • Rulah was referenced four times in Dr. Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent.
  • Rulah was re-named and re-printed as a separate character multiple times: as Tegra, Jungle Empress (later changed to Zegra), Kolah, and Pulah.

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