Public Domain Super Heroes
Rusty Ryan

Real Name

Rusty Ryan

First Appearance

Feature Comics #32 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul Gustavson


Rusty Ryan an orphaned boy who lived on the streets until retired coastal guard "Cappy" Jenks took him in. Jenks ran Boyvlle, a charitable community for orphaned boys. As he grew older, Rusty became Jenks' second-in-command.

When Amerca entered World War II, he and his friends formed the Boyville Brigadiers, a band of patriotically clad warriors. Originally, they fought spies on the homefront such as Man of a Thousand Faces the leader of the Black Dragon Society, but they eventually moved to the Pacific Theater. He was accompanied by his friends Alababa and Pierpont. Rusty had no powers, but was a judo expert and all around skilled fighter/athlete. The group continued to sail around the islands and have adventures after the war.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Comics #32-135


  • Like Boystate, Boyville was inspired by Boys Town, a real-life charity founded by Father Flanagan, which achieved world-wide popularity after it became a subject of a 1938 film.

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