Sâr Dubnotal, The Grand Spirit Hunter

Real Name

Sâr Dubnotal

First Appearance

Sâr Dubnotal (1909)

Original Publisher


Created by

Norbert Sévestre


Sâr Dubnotal was trained in the west as a doctor and psychologist, and trained in the eastern art of the Hindu yogis, he possessed a wide range of skills. Dubnotal was the "Conquistador of the Invisible Ones," the "Napoleon of the Immaterial," "Great Psychagogue," the "grand spirit guide," a psychic investigator/occult detective. He also referred to himself as "El Tebib," "the Doctor," to emphasize his learned nature; he was medically trained and was an excellent psychologist. He was also trained in the Lombroso method, and could recognize the criminal "type" by simply looking at them.

However, Dubnotal (a master of the Rosicrucian arts) was better known as a master of "psychognosis." He had a wide range of powers, including hypnosis, telepathy, and levitation. He is an expert, and there is "no phenomenon of somnambulism, of telepathy, of `telepsychics,' of levitation, hypnotism, magnetism, suggestion and autosuggestion" beyond him. Dubnotal was "instructed in the school of the brahmins and the most famous Hindu yogis" and has "victories without number over the battle champions of the invisible."

Dubnotal wore a Hindu turban and was stepped in Indian/Hindu culture. He lived in a spacious apartment in the rooms below his laboratory. At one point, he burried himself alive in order to dispel his lethargy.

His friends and enemies included:

-Gianetti Annunciata was a "petticoated" medium who combined, in her manner, the "gay working girl" and the "high priestess." Annunciata could communicate with the dead, assisted by a small "spiritual telegraph" machine. She helped Sâr get the informaiton he needed.

-Tserpchikopf the Hypnotist, who actually turns out to be Jack the Ripper.

-Azzef, a Russian terrorist.

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