Plasticman 20
Cover of Plastic Man #20

Real Name

Phil Sanders

First Appearance

Plastic Man #20 (1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Millard and Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

Phil Sanders was a bank robber, forger, jewel thief, and smuggler who had the ability to make anyone weep and feel sorry for him when they saw his face. He laid low for two years after using his ability to escape Plastic Man and the police, but after trying out for an acting job he received tips to make people feel so sorry for him that they would throw money and valuables to the poor man. Woozy who was also trying out for the part nicknamed him Sadly-Sadly.

Sadly-Sadly used his talents to rob an armored truck and jewelry store. When Plastic Man attempts to apprehend him, Sadly-Sadly used his looks to turn the crowd against Plastic Man and escape. Plastic Man then devised a plan to trick Sadly-Sadly into believing the mob had killed the him. When Sadly-Sadly sees Plastic Man laying in a coffin, he began to laugh hysterically making the criminal lose his hold on everyone and allowing the police to arrest him once and for all.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Plastic Man #20
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