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Little Sallie Waters
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"Little Sallie Waters" is a nursery rhyme, song, dance, and children's game that has been found in many countries throughout the world. The nursery rhyme dates to at least 1884, which is the earliest version found in print but, it was likely in circulation much earlier than that.

The game is explained on page 70 in William Wells Newell's Games and Songs of American Children:

A girl in the centre of the ring seated and covering her face with her hands. At the word "Rise," she chooses and salutes any one whom she pleases.

The lyrics for this nursery rhyme/song, as printed in this book, are as follows:

Little Sallie Waters,
Sitting in the sun,
Crying and weeping,
For a young man.
Rise, Sally, rise,
Dry your weeping eyes,
Fly to the East,
Fly to the West,
Fly to the one you love best.

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