Sam Morrow

Real Name

Samuel Morrow

First Appearance

Tales of Horror #13 (Oct. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Medio Iorio, Sal Trepani


Rudolph Sevarian is a vampire hailing from Hungary. He travels to the "American West", where few people have heard of vampires and are not familiar with their only methods of destruction by silver bullet or wooden stake.

Sheriff Sam Morrow is the law in the town where Sevarian alights in a stagecoach. He is known to carry a charm on a chain with him.

Sevarian's first victim is town drunkard, Jud Barton. The spree continues, Sam seeing Sevarian kill many times, but Sam's bullets have no affect on the vampire. Sheriff Morrow turns in his badge, the town and Sam frustrated in his failures to capture the murderer.

Sevarian follows Morrow home to observe the sheriff's woes. Sheriff Morrow shoots his gun through the window. It strikes and kills the vampire. The charm was a silver bullet awarded him by the town after subduing the "Black Death Gang."

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tales of Horror #13

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