Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #1 (December 1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Will Eisner & Alex Blum


Samson is a direct descendant of the biblical Samson. Like his ancestor, Samson has immense strength and endurance but loses his powers if his hair is cut. However, the fact that his hair grew back much faster than normal made up for that weakness. Samson did not manifest that ability until he reached college age. That's when his mother revealed his ancestry.

Shortly after graduating from college, his college friend, Professor Dunn showed him a new invention, the "iconoscope", which allowed the viewer to watch remote scenes without a transmitter. The iconoscope picked up the image of an eastern holy man who was praying for a higher power to send someone to battle evil. Samson used his super powers to visit the holy man and agreed to be that champion.

In issue #10 of Fantastic Comics, Samson gained a young sidekick whom he named David. He had no apparent super powers and was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Orphaned after the crash, Samson took him into his care.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Big 3 #1-6
  • Fantastic Comics #1-23
  • Samson #1-6

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