Scarlet Shade
Supernatural themes: Avenging Spirit, possible rogue Inquisitor.

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Public Domain Superheroes (May 2011)

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Public Domain Superheroes

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The Scarlet Shade is an open source character created by Simon Kirby for use in the Landmark Universe. An avenging spirit from The Beyond, he possesses various supernatural powers including flight, intangability, telepathy, pyrokinesis and teleportation. Drawing on the mystical energies of the Netherworld, he is inhumanly fast and strong, invulnerable to virtually any physical attack and capable of battling major demons to a standstill. Appearing only between the hours of twilight and sunrise, he takes the form of a shadowy, ethereal phantom in a flowing red cloak. His simple presence can inspire fear in unsuspecting mortals and his dark, withering stare has been said to drive hardened criminals to the brink of suicide.

In common with both Masque and The Inquisitor, The Shade is considered an urban legend by most legal authorities, despite being referenced in several "X-File" investigations by Chamberlain City's Justice Department. His main "haunt" is The Westside, an area known for its paranormal activity. He is most frequently observed in the Gallows Hill district of Radcliff.

Although his motives are shrouded in mystery, many parapsychologists believe the Shade's mission is to protect the Mortal Realm from demonic incursions. Dr. Rose Morrison of Chamberlain University classifies him as a Type Two Sentinel; a damned soul cursed to avenge evil until Judgment Day.


The Scarlet Shade has fought several recurring enemies, all of them apparently connected to The Beyond and other supernatural realms. His chief antagonists include:

  • The Bookmaster. One of the most malevolent beings in the Netherworld, he frequently unleashes destruction on the Living Realm for his own amusement.
  • The Enraged Entity, a mindless but extremely powerful demon that periodically wreaks havoc on the Westside.
  • The Black Shade, a hellish doppelganger possessing similar powers, considered to be the Scarlet Shade's "Dark Twin".
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