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Scoop Scanlon
Scoop Scanton.jpg

Real Name

"Scoop" Scanlon

First Appearance

Terrific Comics #2 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Nina Albright


"Sccop" Scanlon was a reporter for the Daily World-Star, who usually wound up solving crimes while investigating stories.

Scoop had a rival/potential love interest in Molly O'Moore, a reporter for the Chronicle.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Terrific Comics #2-6
  • Cat-Man Comics #27-32


  • DC Comics had a character with the same name that debuted in Action Comics #1, appearing until the 14th issue. Most sites claim they are one and the same but, although extremely similar (the aforementioned same name, as well as both being non-powered reporters), they are different (yet, again: extremely similar) characters.
    • Most sites also claim this character's first appearance was published by Holyoke however, it was published by Helnit.
  • Interesting to note (hence, being here in the "Notes" section...): Scoop has always been regarded as the main character yet (more often than not)... Molly was first-billed!

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