Seaweed Creatures
Seaweed creatures
From Captain Flight #5

Real Name


First Appearance

Fight Comics #2 (1940)

Original Publisher

Four Star

Created by

Steve Broder

Golden Age Origin

The Seaweed Creatures, lead by their Queen, were of a race of humanoid plants who lived in the deep sea. They sought to conquer the surface world by using their chlorophyll machine to transform humans into one of their own and then to use the humans as slaves.

In order to get human to transform, the creatures had used their binding weeds to sink numerous ships in the gulf. However, this attracted the attention of the Navy who sent Deep Sea Dawson/Kinks Mason to investigate.

The creatures managed to capture him and Dawson/Kinks was brought before their queen. She proceeded to explain her plan to him and give him a tour of their facilities. The queen intended to turn the diver into a Seaweed creature slave, but he fought back escaping into a submarine the monsters had attacked earlier.

When Deep Sea Dawson/Kinks Mason fired a torpedo from the sub and later also used dynamite on their machines, the monsters drowned and their captives were freed. This was because their species was dependent on their supply of chlorophyll to survive.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fight Comics #2
  • Captain Flight Comics #5


  • In Fight Comics, the Seaweed Creatures had peach colored torsos on some pages, but in Captain Flight they were completely green from head to toe.

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