Public Domain Super Heroes
Secret Agent X

Real Name


First Appearance

"The Torture Trust" in Secret Agent X #1 (February, 1934)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Paul Chadwick (under pseudonym Brant House)


Secret Agent X was a mysterious agent who went undercover to fight crime and the enemies of the United States. As a master of disguise, he changed his face and his identity almost constantly. Nobody actually knew who he was or what he looked like, except his Washington handler, K-9. His mission, though not necessarily his identity, is also known to spunky newspaper reporter Betty Dale. However, the police in New York city, where he frequently operates, do not know who he is and consider him an outlaw.

While serving in World War I, Secret Agent X was wounded, with a piece of shrapnel leaving an "X" shaped scar above his heart. Apparently a piece of the shrapnel is still in there, as it occassionally causes him debilitating pain. After the war, he became a detective sponsored by a mysterious circle of men with nearly limitless wealth. Later he became an agent of the US Goverment, working with K-9 under Harvey Bates, leader of a vast network of operatives. He was occassionally helped by Betty and a private investigator named Jim Hobart.

Powers and Abilities

X was a master of diguise, known as "The Man of a Thousand Faces," and could switch between identities with amazing speed. He was a good fighter and preferred to carry non-lethal weapons, such as a handgun that emitted knock-out gas.


  • X, the Phantom Fed stories were comic book adaptations of the Secret Agent X pulp stories.

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