Public Domain Super Heroes
Bar Senestro

Real Name

The Senestro

First Appearance

Argosy, All-Story Weekly (1921)

Original Publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint


Senestro was the high "Bar" (military priest) of the other dimensional world known as Thomahlia and a prince of D'Hartia. As the leader of the military priesthood of Thomahlia, he guarded "The Spot of Life" which was a portal Earth. After Senestro's brother died, tradition dictated that he was to marry both Aradna, queen of the D'Hartians and Nervina, queen of the Kospians, which would make him the sole ruler of Thomahlia. However, Senestro was said to be cruel and sinister, to have no real code, and to be driven by lust and ambition.

Senestro was described as handsome, lithe and well muscled, with a panther-like grace. He was athletic, a master of submission wrestling and he was considered unbeatable in combat. He exuded confidence and often had a bemused smile upon his face. He was also described as a genius, with the sensuality of Nero, the cruelty of Caligula and the ambition of Alexander the Great. He was described as physically similar to Alexander, with pink skin, curly hair and dark eyes. He wore sandals and bejeweled "semi-armor" with a breast plate, but bare arms. Senestro and his guards were distinguished by their bright blue garb.


  • Bar Senestro had a brother who disappeared around the time Doctor Holcolm and Rhamda Avec met in San Francisco.

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