The Serpent Queen

Real Name


First Appearance

Unknown World #1 (1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk and Bob McCarty


Shanri the Serpent Queen is a demonic entity ruling a hidden kingdom within the cliffs of Mount Cudado said to be thousands of years old and possessed of supernatural powers. Many explorers attempting to scale Mount Cudado's "unconquerable" heights have run afoul of the semi-mythical Serpent Queen, fueling local fear and superstition.

Shanri appears as an alluring young woman in translucent robes, her very presence enough to drive men insane with desire. Unfortunately, her beauty hides an abomination which destroys everything it touches. Few who meet her manage to survive the experience with those who do succumbing to a horrific death within a few days.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Unknown World #1
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