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Sexton Blake
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Real Name

Sexton Blake

First Appearance

"The Missing Millionaire" (in The Halfpenny Marvel #6, December 20, 1893)

Original Publisher

Alfred Harmsworth

Created by

Harry Blyth (under the pen-name Hal Meredeth)


Sexton was a pipe smoking British detective, who lived on Baker Street. He was arguably a little tougher and more adventurous than his neighbor, Sherlock Holmes. He had a bullet-proof Rolls-Royce called, "The Grey Panther." His associates in England included:

Supporting Cast

-Tinker (Edward Carter): A wiry, street-wise orphan who became Sexton's young ward and assistant.

-Mrs Bardell: Blake's bustling housekeeper, known for misusing the English language. She was a gifted cook and would always be on hand if a client needed food or a cup of tea.

-Pedro: A faithful, wise and ferocious bloodhound. Originally owned by Rafael Calderon, a head of state in South America, he was given to Blake as a gift.

-Henry Blake: Sexton's brother, who had turned to crime.

-Derek "Splash" Page: A reporter for the Daily Radio.

-Mlle. Yvonne Cartier: A female detective from Australia.

-Ruff Hanson: A tough American investigator.

-Chief Detective Inspector Lennard

-Detective Inspector Coutts

-Superintendent Venner


Sexton Blake's public domain enemies included: Zenith the Albino, Waldo, The Wonder-Man, Baron de Beauremon & The Council of Eleven, Count Ivor Carlac, Aubrey Dexter, Marie Galante, Leon Kestrel, Baron Kettler, Professor Francis Kew, Prince Wu Ling, The Owl, George Marsden Plummer, Doctor Huxton Rymer and a group of thieves who called themselves The Three Musketeers.

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • Stolen Heirlooms (1915)
  • The Further Exploits of Sexton Blake: The Mystery of the S.S. Olympic (1920)
  • Doddington Diamonds (1922)

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