Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Man Comics #6 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lew Glanzman


The son of Father Neptune, the Shark (or Shark-Man) is called such because he is often seen in the company of large, man-eating sharks. He once lived in an undersea kingdom but set out to fight against all crimes committed at sea. His powers included the ability to live underwater and hypnotism, and he is also a skilled inventor and swimmer (thanks to webbed hands and feet). Also, he has superhuman strength ("strength of 10 whales"), is able to create illusions out of water (usually used to make doubles of himself), and is invulnerable while in water. However, he possesses normal human strength out the water unless he is carrying a magical knife given to him by his father. The knife gives him command over water and the ability to teleport through it. His enemies include Dr. Cloud, Fritz von Holz, Von Lougg, Captain Gottfried von Slagian, and Prince Zog of Mars .

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing-Man Comics #6-22
  • Stars and Stripes Comics #2-6

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