Public Domain Super Heroes
The Silver Lady of Venus

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #42 (October 1961)

Original Publisher


Created by

Steve Ditko and Joe Gill?


The Silver Lady was a Venusian agent, who came to Cape Canaveral, Florida and became a TV personality, using the television to somehow perform mass hypnosis or mind control on people in the region. She managed to get engineers to sabotage Titan missiles and send them rocketing toward military bases. The rockets were stopped by Captain Atom. He tracked down the Silver Lady and flew her behind the Iron Curtain so that she could work her mischief there.

The Silver Lady claimed that Venus was a planet of peace and love, without weapons of war. She claimed that she wanted to take her followers back to her home planet. However, the fact that her minions attempted to destroy a military base and that she was determined to follow out the orders of her masters on Venus, seemed to indicate that she might be the vanguard for a Venusian invasion.

Captain Atom determined that the range of her hypnotic/telepathic powers was limited. However, her power enabled her to easily charm and seduce the mind of nearly any man who watched her show. She was said to have silver skin, platinum hair and to be exceptionally beautiful to look at. She did not demonstrate any fighting prowess, or interest in engaging in combat, probably preferring to use her power to manipulate minds.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #42