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Six-Gun Gorilla
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Real Name


First Appearance

Wizard (1939)

Original Publisher

D. C. Thomson & Co.

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Six-Gun Gorilla was an ape named O’Neil who as an infant was kidnapped and brought from Africa to the United States where he was sold to a prospector named Bart Masters of Colorado. Masters was a loving owner whom the gorilla grew to love like a father. Bart Masters taught his gorilla to dig, fetch firewood, gather water, cook, clean, and most importantly, load and fire a revolver.

Unfortunately, Bart Masters was murdered by Tutt Strawhan, leader of the Strawhan Gang, in order to learn what Masters knew about "the great mother-load."  O’Neil swore revenge on his master's killers and set out armed and dangerous to kill every member of the Strawhan gang. With only his bandoleer and two six-shooters, the ape tracked down and killed the murderers one by one. However, the Six-Gun Gorilla died just as he killed his nemesis Tutt Strawhan.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fifteen-part serial in British Story paper Wizard (1939)


  • Though published in 1939, the serial's copyright was never renewed in the United States and 50 years have passed since its publication in the United Kingdom.
  • In 2013, two comic book adaptations were released in the very same month:
    • Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance, an independent comic, was released on June 5th 2013.
    • Six-Gun Gorilla by BOOM! Studios hit shelves a week later.

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