Skeleton Men

Real Name


First Appearance

The Comics #10 (Sept. 1938)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul H. Jepson


Skeleton Men are also called "living skeletons", as they appear to be without flesh or skin. This is caused by their drinking source, a pool that turns their skin and flesh invisible. They live in the City of the Living Dead, situated on the Island of the Living Dead. One of the Unicor warriors drinks the water and takes on the appearance of a skeleton. Rod Rian thinks that the water's effects will wear off with time. He gets an idea to enter the City of the Living Dead and have the effects wear off in front of the Skeleton Men. The effects wear off, and Unicor's regular appearance returns. The Skeleton Men think it's a miracle.


The entrance to City of the Living Dead.

After Rod Rian is challenged by the Skeleton Men using a wild dog, Rod defeats the dog and follows it to its water source. The water is different than that which causes the skin of the Skeleton Men to go invisible, and the issue resolved.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Comics #10-11
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