Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #1 (December, 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Fletcher Hanks (as Hank Christy)


Skomah was a mad Martian scientist who intended to wipe out the inhabitants of Earth and rule the universe. He was the 7th son of the Great Skomah, who worked to give his offsring a brain so great that it would be infallable. As a result, Skomah possessed a giant head that required external support, and a genius unmatched in the universe. He had telepathic abilities, enabling him to read the thoughts of others and project his own thoughts and memories into their minds. Technology at his disposal included teleportation belts and the ability to turn others into geniuses like himself. He seemed to command the savage Imp Men of Mars (possibly his own creation) and giant insect creatures. He captured Space Smith, but the hero managed to escape to Earth and vowed to return to Mars and stop Skomah.

Golden Age Appearances

Fantastic Comics #1

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