Sky Wizard
Sky Wizard

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Miracle Comics vol. 1 #1 (February 1940)

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Golden Age Origin

Called the world's greatest inventor, Sky Wizard the Master of Space built a "stratosphere plane" - an enormous flying island. He hired Capt. Dare to test fly it to China, but when Captain Dare was kidnapped by the Tibetan tyrant known as the Unholy One, he used his island and other inventions to rescue him. He also was outfitted in a red uniform with a paralyzer gun strapped to his hip. He was aided by his Sikh or Indian manservant, Keeshan. In his first three appearances, Captain Dare's children follow him along on his adventures.

Powers and Abilities

Normally, Sky Wizard was a non-powered man whose greatest strength was his scientific genius. In Miracle Comics #1, he created a drug that temporarily boosted his strength and speed.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Miracle Comics #1-4

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