The Skyman

Real Name

Allen Turner

First Appearance

Big Shot Comics #1 (May 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gardner Fox & Ogden Whitney


After his parents were killed in an airplane accident, Allen Turner was raised by his scientist uncle to become "outstanding in mind and body." When his uncle passed away, he used the money inherited from the will to fight crime.

He was in a steady relationship with Fawn Carroll, who loved both Allen and Skyman.

Powers and Abilities

  • A brilliant scientist, he had no super powers. Rather, he carried two pistols: an atomatic and a stasimatic.
  • He worked out of a hidden hangar/laboratory dubbed "The Skydrome" and had a boomerang-shaped airplane called "The Wing" that flew by the power of Earth's magnetic poles.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Big Shot Comics #1-101
  • Skyman #1-4
  • Sparky Watts #1

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