Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Larry Wolfe

First Appearance

Air Fighters #2 (November 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Stein & Mort Leav


As Skywolf, Larry Wolfe wore a white wolf pelt into battle and headed a three-man flier team. Members of the team include Cocky Roche, who was a cockney, and the Judge, an old Englishman turned down by the R.A.F. because of his age. The last member was "The Turtle," A Polish mute whose tongue was cut out by Germans and who communicated by tapping on his own head in Morse Code. The group flew special planes that split in half to become separate vehicles. In fact, Skywolf and his team were such an effective group of Nazi fighters that Adolf Hitler himself was desperate to get rid of them to the point of actually participating in a plan to capture them. Skywolf's arch-nemesis was the cyborg Half-Man.

Skywolf teamed up with Airboy and battled the monstrous Heap several times during the course of his adventures.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Air Fighters Comics vol. 1 #2-12
    • vol. 2 #1-10
  • Airboy Comics vol. 2 #11-12
    • vol. 3 #1-2, #4-12


Originally, Skywolf wore a skintight purple suit. Starting with Volume 2 of Air Fights Comics, him and his team switched to matching purple aviator-style uniforms, and later still, Skywolf wore a furry white cape that matched his wolf's head.

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