The Slavers

First Appearance

Lightbringer #1 (2006)

Original Publisher

Steel Dragon Comics

Created by

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug


The criminal underbelly of Pharos City, the Slavers were a gang who kidnapped women in the middle of the night and sold them to the highest bidder, often for sexual purposes. They had sway in part due to their targeting the families of law enforcement officers who went after them. They were eventually brought down by Lightbringer.


  • General Werres

    General Werres - The leader of the Slavers, Werres feels the end justifies the means, that since he has used some of his ill-gotten gains to give to charity and city enhancement initiatives, that this washes his hands of the evil he has perpetuated. When the Slavers are taken down, Werres is the subject of an assassination attempt that Lightbringer succeeds in foiling.
  • Serpent/Serpant

    Serpent/Serpant - A lackey and enforcer to the gang, he was shaken for the information that eventually took down the group, eventually taking a plea deal to testify against General Werres.
  • Player Big

    Player Big - A big name amongst the Slavers from the early days of the group, Player Big was spurned in his advances towards actress Erin Kalla and his attempt at revenge ultimately caused her to become the villain White Death.

Public Domain Appearance

  • Lightbringer #1-3, 9-11, 15


On September 30th, 2013, Linkara posted that he was releasing the Lightbringer comic into the public domain.

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