The Sleeper
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First Appearance

March 7, 2014

Original Publisher

Wordpress Website

Created by

Dustin Smith


Having the strange condition of being a migrating consciousness, the Sleeper will occasionally wake up as some one new when he sleeps.

Initially a regular person, the Sleeper has long since lost his/her identity over the years. Waking up in different bodies and different time periods, the constant strain on their psyche has caused emotional instability and symptoms similar to Bi-polar disorder. Often using drugs to stay awake for days on end, the Sleeper never knows when they will be pulled from an identity they like (only that long periods without sleep may kill their host).

Powers and Abilities

Using knowledge of future events, the Sleeper keeps several hidden investments and has amassed a large fortune (could be the mysterious 1% we hear so much about).

Whenever the Sleeper arrives in a time period, he/she learns as much as they can about that period before they're whisked away (has no control of how or when the shift happens). Often using technology from the future, gadgets abound in his arsenal. From lasers beams to teleporters to any weird widget future minds can think up, the Sleeper probably has one laying around somewhere.

The sleeper cannot be killed, he or she just wakes up as someone else, and is often viewed as a myth to non-cosmic characters. Occasionally, psychics and clairvoyants have encountered the Sleeper while in the Dreamscape only to be asked “Who am I.”

The most dangerous aspect of the villain lies in the random chance they could be anyone. Win the Lottery? Received a larger inheritance from a relative you don't even remember? Find a strange package sitting on your doorstep? YOU could be the The Sleeper.


The character of The Sleeper is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving The Sleeper, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

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