The Snake Charmer

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #2 (July 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


Chun is a snake charmer from India. He despises working at the carnival, and only stays on because he is attracted to Millie Sears. The attraction is not mutual, and Millie laughs at him when he reveals it to her. When discussing the incident with her boyfriend, Joe Dugan, he tells her that Chun has a great deal of money stashed away and they should take it from him. Millie pretends to be interested in Chun to get him to reveal where the money is hidden. He keeps it with his two pet cobras.


Chun with Joe and Millie cobras

Jim and Millie go in one night. Jim stabs Chun while Chun is sleeping. He goes to the cobra cage, killing the cobras and retrieving the money. Chun shows up, telling them Joe stabbed a dummy instead of Chun. Chun delivers the Cobra Curse, turning the two miscreants into cobras. Chun uses them in his act, replacing the pair killed by Joe. At night, the two appear as cobras with human heads, to plead with Chun to turn them back while he amuses himself by controlling them with his flute. When the reed on his flute breaks, they kill him with deadly, cobra-quick bites. Chun is dead, but Joe and Millie are cursed to remain as they are.

Powers and Abilities

Chun can control snakes, particularly cobras, by playing his flute. He can also transform people into Cobras by calling down the Cobra Curse.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #2
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