The Sneak

Real Name


First Appearance

“The Sneak” (song) (1922)

Original Publisher

Sherman, Clay & Co.

Created by

Nacio Herb Brown


The Sneak is a demonic creature who sneaks into a person's bedroom at night after peeking in the window. It's about 3-4 feet in height, with bright red skin and pair of horns on its head.

The Sneak laughs and dances before the individual's eyes, causing a terror-filled night without sleep. His appearance is followed by a night of "stepping out" to partake of unusual foods that cause discomfort. "Mince pies and rarebits" are mentioned by name. He cannot be grabbed, and floats in the air "like a white ghost". It's presence is often accompanied by the sound of a hooting owl.

Powers and Abilities

The Sneak can float through the air, acts as an immaterial entity, and can cause fear and insomnia in those it decides to haunt. It exhibits great speed and agility.

Public Domain Appearances

  • 'The Sneak' (song - 1922)

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