The Son of Aztlan

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Fantastic Comics #13 (1940)

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The Son of Aztlan is a demi-god, son of the Aztec god Aztlan. Taking wood and spreading needles of the Judas tree, he can call forth fire and summon his father for advice (although his father would prefer his son solve his own problems). Spreading the ashes on his body seem to grant him great mystical powers such as flight and super-speed flight, inflating his body to immense size. He can fire mystical arrows that can pierce and destroy ghost objects, as well as call forth mystical rains that can chill spirits and "the braves of Aztlan", warriors with stone age weapons but able to hurt spirits. It's a little unsure how much of his power comes from the ashes and not. He's in top physical shape, has keen eye-sight and it seems that he starts the fire through magic.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #13


  • In Aztec lore, Aztlan is not a God but, the ancient ancestral home of the people that would be known as Aztecs.
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