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Felix "Lefty" Fecht

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PDSH Website (2010)

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Public Domain Heroes

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Felix Fecht was always fascinated with fencing since the age of five. So much that by the age of 16 he had become champion on the state and national level in Olympic fencing but also in several martial arts, thus earning him a scholarship.

But due to his love of the sport, he flunked electrical engineering and following his dream of being the best at the sport he so loved, he traveled the world and engaged in underground tournaments, earning a nickname, "Lefty" because of him being a south-paw, giving him an edge over most combatants, since most fighters are right-handed.

Several years later, coming home to his hometown, he finds it torn by gang warfare. He finds work as an apprentice electrician, and for several months, all is well.

Then one afternoon, a shoot out occurs and his boss gets shot. While he lives, he is crippled.

Obtaining several pieces of equipment from various sources, he fashions himself a costume and fights gangs as the SOUTHPAW!


Southpaw has no powers other than being a well-trained athlete and familiar with several fighting styles that he fused into what he calls the "Left Hand System". His costume is modified protective fencing gear, combined with military surplus.

His primary weapon is a staff that can be split in several sections thuse being able to use it to replicate any style of fighting that uses swords, sticks, and clubs.

Comic Book Appearances

  • None of yet. It's up to the comic book artists to give him some.


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