Space Octopus

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #11 (Oct.-Nov. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Molno, Ray Osrin


The year is 1998. Sargeant "Blast" Baker and Corporal Astra Adams of the Planet Police respond to an S.O.S. signal from a space liner. They encounter a giant Space Octopus destroying the spacecraft. They fire their ""cobalt cannons" at it, but the monster is unaffected.

Once the liner is destroyed, they unleash all the force of their weapons, but still the thing is unharmed. the creature turns its attention to the Planet Police Spacer craft. Instead of destroying it, the Octopus takes it toward a nearbly "weird" planet. There, they encounter General Loki, who promises to treat them as guests while they remain the planet called Hella. If they resist, they will be his prisoners. Blast and Astra have their automatic pistols destroyed by Loki's "disintegrator ray bazooka".

General Loki explains his plans to conquer all the planets, starting with Earth, to become the "King of Every World in the Universe!", armed with his disintergrator ray bazooka. Blast assures Loki that the Planet Police will stop him. Loki tells Blast they will not be there to stop him, as he will force Baker to call the police force to Hella. He has the Space Octopus grab Astra as a show of force. Despite Corporal Astra's protestations, Blast Baker sends the radio message to the Planet Police. When he does so, he flies in the face of General Loki's expectations and tells the Planet Police to blow up the planet, and watch out for the monster.

Loki's plans are disrupted. After blowing up their Spacer craft, Loki flees the planet and leaves Blast and Astra to their doom.

The Planet Police show up and shoot down General Loki's craft. Loki lands his damage craft. Three of the Spacers are trapped in the Space Octopus's tentacles. Blast and Astra rushes toward the ship, hoping the crash knocked out Loki. If they get the disintegrator ray, they can save the ships. Loki is conscious, but Blast's fist makes him unconscious.

Blast aims the disintegrator ray bazooka, and makes the largest serving of fried calimari in the annuls of the Planet Police. The Planet Police land, figuring the planet had friends on it since the ray came from the surface. General Loki is arrested, putting a quit to the incident.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #13

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