Space Pirates
Space pirates.jpg

Real Name


First Appearance

Terrific Comics #6 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan


Space Pirates had stored their intergalactic plunder, that they had looted from cargo rockets and interstellar liners cruising the space ways, 23,000 light years from Mercury on the planetoid called Virus. The Planetary Police called Inspector Conrad Cosmic of the Universe Detective Bureau to sort out this sorry state of affairs.

However, the pirates surrounded Inspector Cosmic forcing him to send a S.O.S. for help. His call was answered by "Comics" McCormick who helped operate the ship's ray guns while the Inspector piloted the vessel. Together, the threat of the Space Pirates was ended.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Terrific Comics #6


  • The Space Pirates were comic book characters within the comic book whose adventures are read by "Comics" McCormick. After reading an issue of Space Comics, he had a daydream about having an adventure with Inspector Cosmic to fight the pirates.
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