Real Name

Mickey Vane

First Appearance

All-New Comics #5 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Schomburg


Jack Dawson (later "Ted"), a cowboy, is granted superhuman powers by scientist Dr. Morgan (later "Dr. Martin") and uses his new abilities to become the superhero The Red Blazer (later "Captain Red Blazer"). Soon after, he gets a sidekick, Spark (later "Sparkie" and/or "Sparky"), who gains similar powers.

The heroes teamed-up with the boy gang known as the Boy Heroes on several occasions.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Red Blazer and Sparkie are able to fly and generate/control heat and flames.

Public Domain Appearances

  • All-New Comics
    • #5 (as "Spark")
    • #6, 8, 12 (unnamed and cover only)
    • #7 (as "Sparkie" on cover/"Sparky" in story)
    • #9-11 (as "Sparky")


  • The character only appeared in text stories, his cover appearances were misleading.
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