Special Nurse

Real Name

Myra North

First Appearance

Special Nurse comic strip (Feb. 10, 1936)

Original Publisher

Newspaper Enterprise Association

Created by

Ray Thompson & Charles Coll


Myra North, Special Nurse was written by Ray Thompson and drawn by Charles Coll. The strip, which was distributed by the Newspaper Enterprise Association, debuted on February 10, 1936. A Sunday page was then added December 6, 1936. Thompson and Coll continued to work on both strips until they folded a few years later.

One thing to be aware of is that Myra North is not quite the person you would imagine. Although she is indeed a nurse, Myra spends a large portion of her time investigating spies, super-criminals, and other miscreants. In other words, the strip is most definitely not a medical soap opera.

The daily strip ended on March 25, 1939 but, she continued to make regular appearances on Sundays until August 31, 1941. In 1938, Myra appeared in a Big Little Book but, that was about her only outing away from her newspaper strips until some years later when Dell Comics began a series with her as its lead.

With the help of her boyfriend, Detective Sergeant Jack Lane, Myra was also known to keep mad doctors from performing illicit experiments on their patients.


Advetisement for the Special Nurse's first story.

Public Domain Appearances

Comic Books:

  • The Comics 1-3, 5
  • Crackajack Funnies #1-24, 29-35
  • Four Color #3
  • Mammoth Comics
  • Red Ryder Comics #3, 10, 12, 17, 18


  • Myra North, Special Nurse

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