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The Spider
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Real Name


First Appearance

Into the Spider’s Jaws (in Detective Story Magazine, July 2, 1918)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Johnston McCulley


Injured and confined to a wheelchair as a young man, he used his considerable intelligence to operate an international crime ring from his office, "The Spider's Den" in his mansion on American Blvd. The Spider generally stole from those who had achieved their wealth through criminal or immoral means, and especially those who had wronged him. As a younger man, working as the head of a team of spies and thieves in Paris, he had been a more direct player in his own schemes. Now, he relies on others to carry out his plans. He is an enormous man with a sinister smile, who keeps his operatives seperated all over the world like the strands of a web. One of his most loyal men is John Warwick who is in love with the Spider's innocent and unsuspecting niece, Silvia Rodney. Eventually, the Spider retired and decided to use his great wealth to help others.

Pulp Appearances

  • "Into the Spider’s Jaws", Detective Story Magazine, Jul 2 1918, short story
  • "The Shekel of Shame", Detective Story Magazine, Jul 23 1918, short story
  • "The House of Horror", Detective Story Magazine, Nov 12 1918, novelette
  • "The Spider Strain", Detective Story Magazine, Apr 8 1919, novella

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