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"The Grandmother of Terror!"

Spider Widow
Spider Widow.jpg

Real Name

Dianne Grayton

First Appearance

Feature Comics #57 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Borth


Dianne Grayton was a wealthy and beautiful young woman who grew bored and decided to become "the most horrible dispenser of justice of all times." She started disguising herself as a classic Hallowe'en witch and using her spiders to scare and punish villains.

She became romantically involved with Raven when he saved her from German agents, and she formed a crime fighting team with him. Also, Phantom Lady teamed up with them on several occasions even though Spider Widow feared she was a rival for Raven's affections.

Her enemies included the Spider Man.

Powers and Abilities

Her power is to control black widow spiders. She is also athletic and a skilled fighter.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Comics #57-72
  • Police Comics #20-22


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