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Spiridon the Mute
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Real Name


First Appearance

Spiridon le Muet (1906)

Original Publisher

Le Globe Trotter

Created by

Paschal Grousset (as "André Laurie")


Spiridon was the ruler of a colony of intelligent ants living on an island off the coast of Corsica. He came into contact with Dr. Aristide Cordat, a French surgeon who had left Paris without a fortune only to be shipwrecked on the island. The two manage to communicate with each other due to the vibrations emitted by Spiridon, which is of the same nature as Morse codes. Recognizing the potential he could draw from this discovery, Dr. Cordat made a deal with the creature: Spiridon will accompany Dr. Cordat to Paris to introduce him to the scientific community. Since he cannot show himself to the population, he was disguised as a human named Baron Tasimoura. Baron Tasimoura became well-known in Paris, curing supposedly incurable diseases using his advanced intellects and genius. His true appearance was uncovered by envious rivals, however, and he was forced to kill them to protect his identity. Spiridon was eventually killed by Pia, the daughter of a fishermen from the island where Spiridon and the colony of intelligent ants live. Dr. Cordat, remembering that Spiridon left the vials and the formulas of the medical preparations in his laboratory, summoned all the scientific luminaries to Spiridon's autopsy, where he managed to resurrect the creature. Spiridon, however, no longer possess advanced intelligence.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Spiridon le Muet (1906-1907)

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