The Spirit of Murder

Real Name


First Appearance

America's Greatest Comics #3 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phil Bard


Morto is an extremely powerful magical entity that claims to be the spirit of murder itself. He is possibly a genii. He had been trapped for centuries in a dusty book hidden in a castle. When the book's metal lock rusted and broke, curiosity brought a man to open the book, releasing Morto from his prison. Morto quickly set out to make new allies, such as Adolf Hitler and the Axis leaders, who would help him to murder as many people as possible. Presumably the more people were killed, the more powerful Morto would become.

Morto displayed a variety of powers. He could fly at incredible speeds (possibly supersonic). He was also able to walk through walls and cause the local weather to drop below freezing. It is likely that he had additional powers as well.

While Morto carried a sword, ironically, he never actually killed anyone himself. Perhaps the only way for him to do so was to make himself mortal. In any case, he allowed the hero Mr. Scarlet to challenge him to physical combat. When Marto was defeated, his curse, forced him to return to his prison within the book from which he sprang.

Golden Age Appearances

  • America's Greatest Comics #3
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