Spitting Snake
Spitting snake

Real Name

Spitting Snake

First Appearance

Indian Brave #3 (1951)

Original Publisher

Ace Comics

Created by

Ace Baker


Spitting Snake entered into a rivalry with Chief John Thundercloud for a leadership position in their Sioux tribe, and for the favor of Snow Mist, a woman they both desired. Spitting Snake wanted to challenge the white settlers and drive them out of the land. Working to keep the peace, Thundercloud defied him, convincing tribal members to vote down Spitting Snake's plans for war.

Later, Spitting Snake overhears Thundercloud and Snow Mist speaking affectionately. Looking to the skies, he makes a vow. "Great Spirit, I take this vow! May I perish before I yield to John Thundercloud!" He continues his vow, "May I be struck dead before I let John Thundercloud take Snow Mist away from me! I shall lead the Sioux into a deadly battle against the whites, or perish trying! He who tries to stop me, shall die!"

In a rage, he gathers some warriors and attacks a supply train. Thundercloud helps the U.S. military protect the train, angering Spitting Snake, who says, "You have routed my men, meddler, but YOU shall not escape death! I shall trample you into your grave!"

After Spitting Snake fails to kill John Thundercloud with a tomahawk, the soldiers discovered alcohol, used by Spitting Snake to encourage the warriors into attacking. A white trader named Judson is in league with Spitting Snake, supplying the warriors with liquor.

John Thundercloud offers to help Spitting Snake in the fight with the soldiers, though Spitting Snake was not fooled and plays along with the ruse. Spitting Snake speaks with his warriors, including rebel Sioux and Cheyenne men, to plan an attack on a cavalry troop leaving Fort McCoy. Thundercloud sends a Sioux named Brown Fox to warn the cavalry, but Spitting Snake has him shot with arrows.

Spitting Snake uses the opportunity to accuse John Thundercloud of treachery. Thundercloud is placed, hands-tied, in the path of rampaging wild horses. As the pack of horses nears, his own trusted steed, Grey Wind, comes to his aid. Thundercloud grasps the mane of Grey Wind and escapes. Thundercloud returns to Spitting Snakes camp to find the warriors gone to attack the cavalry, excepting a few too drunk to join the skirmish. John Thundercloud finds the battle in full heat, the warriors attacking the soldiers. Judson is there with his wagons of whiskey. Thundercloud orders flaming arrows to be fired at the liquor wagons, subsequently causing them to explode.

Frustrated with his defeat, Spitting Snake commits suicide with a knife, saying, "I am defeated again! Clearly the gods do not desire my victory! I have taken an oath to kill myself if I could not win! I shall not allow myself to be captured! Dig deeply, knife!"


Spitting Snake displays leadership and warrior skills.

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