Real Name


First Appearance

Indians #2 (1950)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Ann Adams & Ralph Mayo


Starlight was as wild and tempestuous as the wendigo winds, and in her breast beat the heart of a warrior. She viewed with contempt the idea that women should be modest and content to cook and weave for the men who hunted and fended off the enemies of Huron people. So, she termed herself a warrior-maiden, and set out to prove that her arrows struck as true, and her knife cut as deep, as that wielded by any man.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Indians #2-8


  • Unlike other female characters of the day (especially the Jungle-themed women from Fiction House), Starlight was always fully clothed, even in scenes that provided a perfect opportunity for her to strip down. In Mayo's drawings, she was always beautiful but, never turned into a sex object.

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