Real Name


First appearance

Atomic Rulers of the World (1964)

Original Publisher

Walter Manley Enterprises and Medallion Films

Created by

Ken Utsui


Starman was a genetically modified creature created by the benevolent aliens from the planet Emerald to protect humanity from the onslaught of alien threats as well as humanity's own suicidal gamble with nuclear weapons.

His first assignment for Earth was to stop the evil, western nation of Metropol from causing a nuclear holocaust to wipe out humanity to which he barely won out due to the leader of Metropol's arrogance.

He fought other threats such as the warrior Spherion Aliens from using a human built spaceship and its creator to wipe out humanity and stopping the rogue alien, Brain of Balazar and his monster minions from Zemarians, from using various supercharged nuclear weapons capable of destroying Earth and the surrounding planets but, after intense fighting and the aid of the chemist, Dr. Sakurai, managed to wipe out the forces of Balazar and kill him with acid.

Powers and Abilities

Starman was shown to be brave and caring of humanity, especially children whom he often looked after and protected. He was shown to be powerful, with super strength, flight and the ability to survive without oxygen being his most prominent powers. His only true weakness was a certain chemical that Balazar produced and infected on one of his alien servants hand which, with a single strike, could somehow kill Starman. Oddly enough, even though he travels on Earth in a disguise, his identity is well known on Earth and he and the humans call him Starman.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Atomic Rulers of the World (1964)
  • Attack from Space (1964)
  • Evil Brain from Outer Space (1964)


  • Starman's 1964 appearances were not renewed in their 28th year and, thus, are public domain in the Unites States. They are still copyrighted in other countries, however (including its home country, Japan).

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